Our Roadmap

Q4 2022 

Data Provider API for Enterprise

•MongoDB Integration (+/- Oracle)

•No code complex business logic

•Fine tune .NET code generation

•DevExp – Git/Gitlab/Github


Autonomous API Test Harness

•Load test execution on cloud

•API Security Test generation & execution


API Studio for Digital disruptors

•NodeJS code generation

Q1 2023 (beta launch)

API Studio

•GraphQL (+/-gRPC)

API Fabric (PFM additions)

•Process Orchestration

•Business Flow

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Simple Plans

Annual subscription plans for App Sumo users with ability to create 24 API projects in a year


Creators have the ability to invite up to 3 collaborators using their Linkedin Email id

Personalized API Studio

Design, build, code and test your API with your own studio and downloadable API Workspace